From Dylan and Anthony to The Stringbreakers…..

Eugene acoustic duo Dylan and Anthony have been entertaining audiences since 2009. Drawing from the vast american songbook, Dylan and Anthony perform songs by artists as varied as Blind Lemon Jefferson to Hank Williams to the Grateful Dead.


23 year old Dylan Shock’s first word was guitar. He has been playing for over half his life, approaching a musical intuition and vocabulary of one much older than his years. Anthony Forcellini (Uncle Stumbles, Cap’n Trips) studied saxophone for years before switching to guitar in the late 1980’s. Anthony cut his teeth in the Detroit area band Resurgency under the tutelage of David Simon and Brian Forbes when he himself was 20 yrs old.. The guitar interplay between Forcellini and Shock is like old friends conversing, often knowing exactly what the other is saying and adding accordingly. This interplay is what makes the music of Dylan and Anthony unique-whether playing originals or an appalachian ballad, they are bringing their own “tradition” to the traditional.

As of 2014, Dylan and Anthony were joined by their Uncle Stumbles bandmates to become The Stringbreakers. The group plays originals, and Americana classics with the line up of acoustic guitars, lap steel guitar, upright bass and drums.